Grave Secrets release new single and video ‘Mood Ring’

Los Angeles-based four-piece band Grave Secrets are sharing their new video for their song ‘Mood Ring,’ through Wiretap Records.

Guitarist and vocalist Viny Morales says: “We set out to write a song with a little bit of everything. We wanted something fun, with meaningful lyrics and imagery, and heavy/high energy. ‘Mood Ring’ is a song I actually wrote about my girlfriend. She was expressing to me how she feels sometimes, and no joke – after we were done talking, I picked up my acoustic guitar and wrote the whole song in like 10 mins.

The early version was simple. Brought it to Alex Estrada at Pale Moon Ranch, and that’s when it really took its form. Not gonna lie, the intro sounded way too much like ‘Catalina Fight Song’ by JM at first, so we re-worked the drums and came up with what you hear now. Big shout out to Alex on this one, the intro was definitely a hurdle we crossed thanks to him.

As for the music video, we wanted to do something that would strengthen our community with our listeners. We wanted something that every person felt that they were a part of. So we organized a very last-minute live shoot, and we were blown away by the turnout. The music video does a great job of capturing the energy that night. Rowdy, people shotgunning beers outside, and just an overall fun night – shot by Ruben Castañeda w/ Hyperview Films. Ironically enough, the spot we found was next door to the place I went to my first-ever hardcore show, smoked my first cigarette, it was called The Cobalt. That’s ‘Mood Ring.’

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