Hot Milk Published New Single And Video ‘Party On My Deathbed’

Hot Milk, a pop rock band from Manchester, have shared their new single ‘Party On My Deathbed’ and have also published a new video. Han Mee and Jim Shaw have announced the band’s debut album, ‘A Call To The Void’, set for release on the 25th of August. ‘Party On My Deathbed’ follows the release of ‘Horror Show’ that will also be on the upcoming album.

‘Party On My Deathbed’ is all about backstage hedonism and when asked about the track, Han Mee said: “We can’t be helped, we just wanna squeeze out every morsel of this life and being a bit of a wreckhead has come hand in hand with the pursuit of fun.”

‘A Call To The Void’

01. Welcome To The…
02. Horror Show
03. Bloodstream
04. Party On My Deathbed
05. Alice Cooper’s Pool House
06. Zoned Out
07. Over Your Dead Body
08. Migraine
09. Breathing Underwater
10. Amphetamine (feat. Julian Comeau of Loveless)
11. Forget Me Not

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