Hot Water Music release two new singles ‘Side Of The Road’ and ‘Chewing On Broken Glass’

Legendary independent rock label Equal Vision Records and Hot Water Music are excited to present ‘Side Of The Road’ and ‘Chewing On Broken Glass,’ two new singles lifted from the Friday, May 10th release of ‘Vows,’ the long-standing, influential punk outfit’s brand new album.

Following album singles ‘Menace,’ ‘Burn Forever,’ ‘Remnants,’ and ‘Fences’, two new singles feature leads from vocalists/guitarists Chris Cresswell and Chris Wollard on each, respectively, and provide commentary on the unpredictability of life.

‘Side Of The Road’ is a song born from the all-too-familiar feeling of life tightening its grip, and in some cases not letting go until it’s gone too far,” Cresswell says. ”Sometimes along the way, the journey becomes the detour becomes the abrupt halt at the side of the road, and you’re left pondering the meaning of all your miles traveled.”

Of ‘Chewing On Broken Glass’, Wollard says: “Written in darker times, it’s about feeling like you’re not in control of your life. And how it can leave you struggling against the bitterness that comes with it all.”

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