House of Protection share third-ever single ‘Being One’

Aric Improta and Stephen Harrison’s newest project, House of Protection, has redefined what it means to hit the ground running. Since the announcement of their band just over a month ago, they’ve released two high-octane singles, with their third, ‘Being One’ out today on Red Bull Records.

Switching gears, the duo leans into their electronic influences with a driving drum and bass rhythm padded by euphoric melodies. Produced by Jordan Fish, the anthemic dance track is a sharp pivot from their most recent hard-hitting offering, ‘Learn to Forget,‘ but nonetheless, a prime example of their complexity as musicians and the rush of energy that listeners are coming to expect from the band.

On a new single, Aric shares: ‘Being One’ was totally different for us. I’ve always loved playing drum & bass, so Jordan and I immediately clicked on the rhythmic ideas. As a whole, I feel like Steve’s vocals were a huge step up from our previous demos and it gave us a new dynamic to work with moving forward. This song was definitely made to listen to on a long drive at night. We talked about that a lot when writing the lyrics and filming the music video.”

The official video directed by Kevin Garcia (Spiritbox, Bush, Tinashe), was shot over the last few months, capturing moments whenever the band found themselves in a unique location. From singing on a buoy in the middle of the ocean, to drumming on an amusement park carousel, it’s reminiscent of the fast-paced frenetic scenes from the classic 1981 film ‘Koyaanisqatsi.’

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