I Surrender Records release holiday compilations ‘I Surrender Sleighs’

New York-based I Surrender Records is spreading some holiday cheer with their newly released compilation ‘I Surrender Sleighs.’ Whether the holidays are a time of joy or a time you’d rather spend alone, there is something for everyone within the album’s nine original tracks from We Are The Union, Valencia, Vinnie Caruana, Punchline, and more.
Nobody is more excited for ‘I Surrender Sleighs’ than the artists who contributed to it. “When we heard I Surrender was putting together a Christmas album we knew we had to be a part of it,” shares Valencia. “The day we knew we were on board the song just sort of spilled out of us, as if it had been in there for years, waiting to come out.”
”The holidays are a time when so many people come together, so it seemed like the perfect setting for a story about being alone,” reflects We Are The Union. MattstaGraham adds: “Christmas is a pagan holiday. You zealots can choke on ham.”

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