Ink Bomb releases ‘Griefwalker,’ the first single from the upcoming debut album

Dutch punk rock band Ink Bomb released their new single ‘Griefwalker.’ The song is the opener of their upcoming debut album ‘Fiction,’ which will come out on August 23rd.

In the words of bass player Arina Banga, ‘Griefwalker’ is a perfect sneak preview of ‘Fiction’‘Griefwalker’ has that typical skate punk sound we are known for but also features a weird song structure and some complex drum rhythms you wouldn’t normally find in a punk rock song clocking in under two minutes.”

“The name of the song is derived from a 2008 Canadian documentary,” clarifies singer Joost Hoedemaeckers. “It’s basically a thought experiment on the collective human fear of dying. Why are we afraid to die? ‘Griefwalker’ is about the notion that we shouldn’t be afraid of death but live with it. Walk alongside death or accept help in confronting it.”

“The funny thing about this song is that our drummer Paul van de Geijn wrote most of his parts while I was doing the soundcheck for the ‘Swim’ EP,” says guitarist Quirijn Foeken, who recorded and produced the entire record. “When we started writing ‘Fiction,’ the first thing is we did is revisit those drums because there was a really cool song hidden there.”

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