Ink Bomb releases new music video ‘Frankenstein’

The Dutch punk rock band Ink Bomb releases a new music video ‘Frankenstein.’ The song is dark and loud, mixing skate punk with elements of indie, grunge, and hardcore. Halfway through, the song changes from an unexpected twist to a rousing resolution. ‘Frankenstein’ is the third single from the new album that will be released later this year.

In the 1920s-esque music video, frontman Joost plays a prize fighter who has a conflict with his shady manager, played by drummer Paul. The band drew inspiration from the series Peaky Blinders, ‘Mamma Said Knock You Out’ by LL Cool J and “1920s Bep van Klaveren style” for the content and the style, according to Paul who created the concept of the video. Ink Bomb collaborated with Casper Rutjes from Breadclip and the video was filmed at De Moor Media.

The title ‘Frankenstein’ refers to a horror story. The lyrics tell the story of two doubtful lovers. “I did that in the metaphor of a thriller, containing a crime scene and a murder victim,” singer Joost explains. The title of the song also refers to the writing process. Like the monster of Frankenstein, the Ink Bomb song ‘Frankenstein’ consists of parts put together. These are various riffs based on styles other than traditional skate punk, such as indie, grunge, and hardcore.

Guitarist Quirijn says: “While writing our second album I have captured many ideas in the past twelve months. When I listened back to that, I suddenly heard that these separate parts would fit well together.”

Ink Bomb is busy writing, recording and releasing a new album in 2023. Two singles and accompanying videos for this sophomore album have already been released. The new songs contain the signature Ink Bomb sound: fast, aggressive songs that don’t always follow the standard song structure or punk rock clichés, but do always contain beautiful melodies and a refreshing dose of melancholy..

The band has released new music almost every year in its existence. The latest release was a split album with ‘No Breakfast Goodbye’ (2021). In that same year the band also rerecorded their classic song ‘Invincible Summer.’ Earlier releases include debut album ‘Fiction’ (2016), EP ‘Swim’ (2017), EP ‘Invincible Summer’ (2016) and several acoustic covers for charity.

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