Ink Bomb releases new single and music video ‘Human Remains’

The Dutch melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb is releasing a new song today, ‘Human Remains.’ The song consists of melancholic verses and explosive choruses, typical for the four-piece that is increasingly following their own path. With the accompanying beautiful, almost film-noir-like, true crime video the band presents the first single from their upcoming second album.

‘Human Remains’ is about a broken relationship told through a metaphor of a murder. “Love is dead, but the corpse is still warm,” singer Joost Hoedemaeckers explains. The song has a classic song structure and illustrates that Ink Bomb has developed their sound further, but meanwhile has remained loyal to their formula melody + melancholy. With relatively quiet verses that almost sound like new wave, catchy choruses, and a heavy bridge, ‘Human Remains’  shows Ink Bomb in all their facets.

‘Human Remains’ is the first track from an upcoming album. At the moment they are still working hard on completing this second full-length. Guitarist Quirijn Foeken, who is responsible for the recordings at his own Fiction Studio: “We wrote our first album ‘Fiction’ in two years and then recorded everything. Now we alternate: we write a couple of songs and record these. After that, we focus on another couple of songs. That’s not only faster but also makes the album better. We keep each other sharp by getting the best out of short recording sessions.”

For the music video, Ink Bomb worked together with Edwin Willemsen from Ambivalent Aardvark Productions. Willemsen is also known as the singer-guitarist of the punk band Circle of Friends.

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