Ink Bomb share new album ‘Fiction’

The Dutch melodic punk rock band Ink Bomb releases its debut album ‘Fiction’ today. After a year of songwriting and recording the songs themselves, the band proudly presents their first full-length. On this album, the band has further developed their own sound: fast, aggressive songs that do not always follow a standard structure, but are always features great melodies with a healthy dose of melancholy.

The title ‘Fiction’ can be explained in multiple ways but mainly refers to the post-truth society of today. Science and journalism are coming under increasing pressure, while facts no longer seem crucial. In addition, books, reading and fiction are indispensable for Ink Bomb members. Conversations on the road or backstage often are about a novel or other book that has been read by one of the musicians. Thus, fiction influences the lyrics of the band directly and indirectly. ‘Fiction’ has been recorded and produced by Ink Bomb guitarist Quirijn Foeken, just like the EPs ‘Invincible Summer’ (2016) and ‘Swim’ (2017). The mastering has been done by Bill Henderson of the American Azimuth Mastering.

Earlier this year, the singles ‘Griefwalker,’ ‘Scourge’ and ‘Plowshares’ were released. ‘Fiction’ is available on Youtube, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services. The release of the album is celebrated in Waalhalla, Nijmegen on August 30. Also playing: New Best Friend and punk rock veterans I Against I.

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