​J. Cacao honors the deaf community with a new single and video ‘Letter 2 Dip Hop’

​J. Cacao is a producer, songwriter, and ASL Interpreter. As a proud CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult), J. Cacao serves to respect and honor the deaf community by providing an alternative and innovative means of entertainment through music. His unique experiences reflect vividly in his newest single and video, ‘Letter 2 Dip Hop,’ written and produced by J. Cacao himself.

‘Letter 2 Dip Hop,’ expresses a mix of frustration, admiration, and overall love for Dip Hop (Hip Hop through Deaf eyes). The song comes from his first body of work, ‘Trap ASL’ (True Rhythm and Poetry in American Sign Language), a concept that serves as an introduction to the deaf world through the eyes and rise of a CODA. ‘Trap ASL’ is executively produced and written by J. Cacao with features from Lena Jackson, Wawa’s World, and Prophet Link.

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