Jakobs Castle shares playful new single ‘Supervillain’

Burgeoning artist Jakob Nowell expands the Jakobs Castle universe with his solo project’s new single ‘Supervillain.’ The song marks the final preview of the upcoming Jakobs Castle’s debut album, ‘Enter: The Castke,’ set to release on April 12th via Epitaph Records.

Co-written by Nowell and Tim Armstrong (Rancid, Op Ivy), ‘Supervillain’ features a playful pop twist on a rocksteady, laid-back groove. Sonically, the new track references Nowell’s appreciation for mixing 90s nostalgia and internet subcultures with futuristic hyperpop as he creates his own musical signature as an artist. Nowell reveals of the inventive and playful lyrics: “There’s lots of tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture and comic book imagery, all wrapped up in the theme of a crazy parasocial fanatic personified as a supervillain.”

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