Jason Cruz And Howl release lyric video ‘First Born Son’

Jason Cruz and Howl published a new lyric video for a single ‘First Born Son’ that will be on their upcoming album ‘Wolves’ out in April via Liars CLub Records.

“This was the first song I wrote for the new album. It took a long time to just get this first step completed. This is one of those songs where I feel the lyrics are very prophetic in tune with all the crazy shit we are experiencing right now in this country.” Said Cruz about ‘First Born Son’.

When asked about the album he shared: “This record was born of loss. Before the pandemic, I had lost my best friend and bass player, Chris Stein, to cancer. It took me years to start writing a new Howl record again. This new record is a reflection of me not being afraid anymore. I’ve always tried to be that way when it comes to art and music, but with ‘Wolves’ I felt freer than I ever had before and just embraced it. This album is a reminder nothing ever really dies; it just turns into something else. Sometimes pain can help fuel you creatively, and in turn, guide you out of the darkness. ‘Wolves’ is a record of healing, taking chances, and a new beginning.”

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