Jason Cruz And Howl release new single and video ‘Good Hands’

Jason Cruz and Howl published a new video for the single ‘Good Hands’ from the upcoming new album ‘Wolves’ which will be released this spring on a new label Liars Club a collaboration founded by Amigo the Devil and Regime Music Group. ‘Wolves’ is a sophomore album and a follow up to their debut ‘Good Man’s Ruin’ that came out nine years ago.

When asked about the album Cruz shared: “This record was born of loss. Before the pandemic, I had lost my best friend and bass player, Chris Stein, to cancer. It took me years to start writing a new Howl record again. This new record is a reflection of me not being afraid anymore. I’ve always tried to be that way when it comes to art and music, but with ‘Wolves’ I felt freer than I ever had before and just embraced it. This album is a reminder nothing ever really dies; it just turns into something else. Sometimes pain can help fuel you creatively, and in turn, guide you out of the darkness. ‘Wolves’ is a record of healing, taking chances, and a new beginning.”

“This track is definitely the most ‘polished’ song on the album. I actually threw it in the trash at one point, because I had re-wrote and tweaked it so many times. Eventually it turned out to be one of the best songs on the record.” Said Cruz about the new single. 

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