Joey Cape and Hugo Mudie to re-release 2012’s split EP

Joey Cape and Hugo Mudie are preparing a re-release of their split 12”, originally released on Flix Records in 2012. The re-issue will be out on June 6th, via SBÄM Records, in a variety of sleeves and vinyl colors. The record will also be debuted on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Cape and Mudie are pretty much making a dream team in singer/songwriter punk – with Joey being the lead singer of skate-punk legends Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut and guitarist of Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, and Hugo as frontman of the Canadian folk band St. Catherines and founder of Pouzza Fest – these are artists basically meant to work together.

On the EP, Cape released two of his original songs – ‘Burning Out in Style,’ and ‘Made of Broken Parts,’ both of which later appeared on Lagwagon‘s 2014 record ‘Hang,’ while Mudie presents covers of Bright Eyes‘First Day Of My Life’ and Lucinda Williams‘Get Out Of My Head.’

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