Joey Cape shares ‘It Could Be Real’ video

‘A Good Year To Forget,’ the stellar new Joey Cape album, doesn’t come out for a couple of weeks. However, he’s got something to satiate you. Watch the brand new video for the first single, ‘It Could Be Real,’ below.

Cape had the following to share about the video: “Making the video for ‘It Could Be Real’ was so much fun–directors Sean and Nina McCue are so talented and really do it all. I was in good hands with them. The plot was based on the woes of the busker. Sean McCue has busked all over the world, something I have never done before. I respect those who do. It takes true dedication, and I imagine the benefit is meager. Still, you see those people out there every day everywhere in the world. I think one day was enough for me. Haha. A few old friends, including comedian Joe Sib, showed up. He is hilarious and made us all laugh the entire day.”

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