K.Flay releases her fifth studio album ‘Mono‘

‘MONO,‘ the new full-length album from 2x Grammy-nominated artist K.Flay is officially out today via Giant Music. Alongside the album, K.Flay delivered the animated music video for ‘Punisher,‘ a track that gives the record formidable momentum as she bluntly confesses to her self-chastising tendencies, singing “nobody knows how to punish me like me.”

“Sometimes I love songs where there’s not a lot of mystery,” K.Flay notes. “You play it loud and it feels extremely good; it makes you feel tough and powerful—and powerful in a way that’s generative rather than oppressive, like a power plant or pedaling a bike”.

‘Punisher’ is the latest focus track and follows the hard-hitting ‘Irish Goodbye’ which features K.Flay and Pierce the Veil’s Vic Fuentes, the electrifying ‘Shy’, and the riveting guitar-driven lead single ‘Raw Raw’. ‘MONO‘ is the fifth full-length for the multi-platinum artist and her first album since going completely and suddenly deaf in her right ear at the end of last summer. Although K.Flay’s hearing loss deeply informed her songwriting on ‘MONO‘, the album explores an entire spectrum of existential questions and complex matters of the heart and mind.

In unraveling the narrative thread woven throughout the LP, she shares that the album’s title alludes to the notion of embracing our inevitable solitude. “The title is partly a nod to the idea of mono versus stereo and that shift in my auditory experience, but mostly it’s speaking to the fact that your entire experience of this world is within you. You can view that as alienating, or you can view it as the natural circumstances of existence – something we all share. So when people hear the album, I’d love for them to come away with a feeling of strength in their aloneness.”

K.Flay co-produced ‘MONO‘ and enlisted Paul Meany (Twenty One Pilots, Shania Twain) to executive produce. The 14-song project mines the depths of her psyche to uncover essential truths about the pain of loss and the power of transformation. The album is her first with Giant Music and it marks the start of a new era for the relentlessly boundary-pushing artist who first started rapping and writing songs on a lark while attending Stanford University in the early 2000s.

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