Kat Von D creates visionary world in Franz Szony-directed video for ‘Enough’

Gifted multi-hyphenate Kat Von D creates a visionary world of beautiful dark characters in Franz Szony directed video for recently released darkwave laced single Enough’.
Written and directed by visionary artist and photographer Franz Szony  – known for his surrealist portraits of Orville Peck, Vanessa Hudgens, Dita Von Teese, Violet Chatchki, and Gigi Goode, the video depicts a darkly humorous gothic tale inspired by Kat and Franz ‘love for old movies. “Kat is an incredible artist first and foremost, and applies her artistry to everything she does… the way she lives, dresses. I greatly admire people who live their fantasy with everything they do… her music is another avenue for her to bring people into her art and storytelling.Her song lended itself perfectly to something cinematic and camp. ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ and Fellini were two inspirations we both loved” says Franz Szony.
Franz is also the mastermind behind creating the dreamlike settings bursting with detail and illustrating the imaginary of the fantastic world Kat lives in. Taking us from a candle-lit bathtub scene of Kat bathing in black water, through a Fellini inspired boat ride across rough waters where she sails by mythical siren – played Brynn Route, the contortionist of Kat Von D’s band, to the rest of the bandmates stealing Kat on top of a lighthouse, Franz Szony creates a fever dream which gives us a glimpse into the theater of his and Kat’s imagination.
Talking about working with Franz Szony, Kat says: “To me, Franz’s work marries the world of beauty and the macabre and it was a dream come true to create something epic with him. After a few DMs, we met up at my house and brainstormed ideas. Franz hand drew some rough sketches and came up with this surrealist approach to the video. So many details went into creating his vision, from the set design, to the props, and to the outrageous costuming that was completely handmade.”

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