Kat Von D shares new single ‘Fear You’

Gifted multi-hyphenate Kat Von D shares synthwave driven single ‘Fear You.’ The song and the lyrics video can be found below.

On the track, impassioned paranoia seeps through the cracks of her delivery as she details “being scared to let yourself fall in love” bathed in a gorgeous retro soundscape laced with instantly recognizable 808 drums. Lyrically, the track explores trust, self-exploration, and the concept of overcoming your inner fears when it comes to fully committing your heart to a loved one. Written with Linda Perry, the single was produced by Kat and her band members Gregg Foreman aka Mr. Pharmacist (synth 1), Sammi Doll (synth 2), and Dave Parley (drums).

Talking about the track Kat says: “This was originally my favorite track. It still might be! I chose it to be the fifth song, because five is my favorite number. Lyrically, it’s about how you can’t lose if you don’t play. You’re so scared of taking the leap and trying, because you assume you’re going to fail. I was in a relationship where we were too scared to make it real. It was self-tormenting. You’re building it up to fall apart. You want to know someone wholeheartedly, but that would require you to get over your fear. You just won’t.”

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