KennyHoopla releases new single ‘Sabotage//’ with Travis Barker

KennyHoopla and blink-182’s Travis Barker have teamed up for more than just one single ‘Sabotage//’ that is the first song from a new ‘capsule’ that they are releasing together ‘Blink And You’ll Miss It’ that’s “coming soon” according to KennyHoopla‘s recent twitter post.

Explaining the ‘Sabotage//,’ Kenny says that it’s “about becoming so self-aware as a person you end up being restricted by invisible boundaries and blurred lines. You’re becoming a toxic mixture of everyone’s viewpoint swirled inside of your head until everything is right and wrong at the same time and you end up paralysed – not being an actual progression for anyone at all, burning everything you touch. Stretching a smile for other people’s happiness is never worth the sadness in the end. There is a great pain that comes with trying to be a good or fair person in this current world, an even greater ego death than you most likely never even got a chance to build, but we stay as silent and pure as we can for the possibility of ‘peace’ one day. The pictures never do justice.”

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