Koven release two new songs ‘Give You Up’ and ‘Followers’

The UK’s finest – electronic duo Koven released two brand new songs, taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Butterfly Effect,’ out next year on Mostercat. The duo will also showcase the album live at the 2020 edition of the Rampage Festival in Antwerp.

Koven are an eclectic pair and it’s not just their music that has caught the attention of global tastemakers and fans around the world. It’s also the live energy which Katie Koven injects into their DJ sets, whilst bringing her vocal talents into the mix and presenting a package that boasts the ingenuity of both Katie and Max.

After debuting ‘Your Pain’ on Monstercat, they’re about to reveal a double-sided single which you’ve no doubt already heard little snippets of if you’ve managed to catch Katie play out in recent months. If this next package is anything to go by, it’ll be another climactic year for the cinematic duo. Koven’s new songs Give You Up’ and Followers’ underscores two more sides of the repertoire which Max Koven conjures within their studio space.

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