Linkin Park share ‘Friendly Fire,’ unreleased song from ‘One More Light’ sessions

Linkin Park have shared ‘Friendly Fire,’ an unreleased song from ‘One More Light’ sessions. The song will also appear on ‘Papercuts,’ the band’s upcoming compilation which will include all their singles for the first time ever.

About the song, guitarist Brad Delson shared:‘Friendly Fire’ was always one of our favorite songs from the ‘One More Light’ sessions. Something about it wasn’t quite right, so as close as it got to the finish line, we chose to set it aside for later. When we started looking for an unreleased track to include on our greatest hits collection, I was blown away by the power of the song, the power of the storytelling, the power of the vocal, the sonic landscape and I actually thought that it was closer than maybe we had realised at the time.”

He continued: “We got together to work on it and connect some of the missing pieces that for whatever reason hadn’t revealed themselves during the recording of ‘One More Light.’ I can’t wait for people to hear it. It’s such a beautiful, compelling, heartbreaking, hopeful story and it really resonates with me today.”

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