Listen to The Offspring and 311 cover each others songs

The Offspring and 311 are set to start their North American Never-Ending Summer tour that will also include Gym Class Heroes. As a part of the promotion, both bands covered each other’s songs. The Offspring took on 311‘s hit ‘Down’ from 1996, which can be heard below.

311 covered The Offspring‘s legendary 1994 hit ‘Self-Esteem.’ 311’s Nick Hexum recently spoke to about how this idea came together: “It was the Offspring’s idea and a great idea. They said, ‘We had the idea to cover your song, and we’ve done it,’ and I was like, ‘Wow! I have to hear this,’ ’cause it’s such a signature song. Were they going to cover it faithfully or rework it?’ They reworked it just enough; There’s punk to it, and Dexter (Holland) actually does a killer job of rapping SA (Martinez)’s parts in more of a punk rock style, with fast drums. We were so blown away, It was so much fun to hear that. So we returned the favor and reggaefied (‘Self Esteem’), which is probably my favorite song of theirs. It’ll be a lot of fun to give the fans new versions of these songs they love so much.”

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