Lizzy Farrall shares new song ‘Knocked For A Six’

Lizzy Farrall has released ‘Knocked For A Six’ today, which can be found on her upcoming album ‘Bruise’ due out March 27 through Pure Noise Records.

“’Knocked For Six’ is probably the most personal song on the album,” says Lizzy. “It is about surviving the conflict between wanting to fit-in and knowing that the people you’re falling-in with aren’t healthy to be around. This is something I struggled with for several years during my teens, where I was seen as being an outsider – the weird kid who didn’t go to school and didn’t dress like anyone else – and my attempts to make friends and be accepted mostly led to being taken advantage of and judged”.

Lizzy has always had that unflinching approach to words and for her debut album, she was able to create the sound she wanted to as well by collaborating with Miles Kent (Catch Fire), Chris Curran (PVRIS, Handguns), Anton Delost (Bearings, Seaway), and Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche).


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