Magnitude release new album ‘Of Days Renewed…‘

North Carolina’s Magnitude have released ‘Of Days Renewed…‘ their sophomore album through Triple B Records. The straight-edge band has crafted eight passionate hardcore songs aimed at the listener to immerse in the lyrical content as much as moving in the pit.

When approaching the writing process for the album, the band knew they wanted to stick true to their roots while experimenting with heavier riffs. Composing was a collaborative effort, with the members self-producing and recording between studios and houses, and handing it over to John Howard at Warhouse Recordings in Gainesville, Florida for mixing and mastering. The record has a ‘90s metallic feel to it while still packing a bounce. Crunchy, groove-driven riffs are met with vocals begging to be shouted along to. The words themselves address everything from confronting your fears to staying true to yourself, animal rights and environmentalism, and the mental toll of the Information Age.

As the record concludes with the title track, it’s an anthemic outcry of dreaming for better days and committing to oneself. The entirety of the album stands with the band’s mission of channeling aggressive energy into positivity and one that expands from energy-packed live shows to everyday lives. With the release of ‘Of Days Renewed…‘, Magnitude stands as a band with a purpose set for acceleration.

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