Many Eyes unveil the official music video for ‘Revelation’

Many Eyes – the new band led by iconic metalcore frontman, Keith Buckley – unleash their new music video for ‘Revelation.’ Directed by Tom Flynn (I Prevail, Lamb of God) and shot in Long Island, New York, the video is a loving homage to the iconic music video for Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’

Surrounded by a cast of devoted fans, the video feeds off the intensity of the track with ever-shifting camera angles, an equally chaotic moshpit, and a captivating performance from the band. ‘Revelation’ may mark a new beginning for Buckley, yet the devotion present in their performance is reminiscent of a band that’s long had their skin in the game.

“As with any and all Revelations…we appeared out of nowhere in our truest, most timeless form,” shares Buckley. “This video doesn’t just capture who we are, it conveys who we have always been. Within the swirling energy is an immovable expression of our love for music and the connections created by that love. This is us at our source and center. A truth to which we as a band will always return.”

‘Revelation’ was co-written by Buckley with new band members and esteemed multi-instrumentalist brothers, Nick Bellmore and Charlie Bellmore. The fast-paced, hard-hitting track reflects on Buckley’s internal battles as he’s worked on overcoming alcoholism over these last few years.

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