Massachusetts-based emo band Sounds & Scenarios release new EP ‘Cherry Blossom Season’

Boston, Massachusetts-based emo band Sounds & Scenarios have just released their latest EP, ‘Cherry Blossom Season.’ The release contains the anthemic hooks and intricate instrumentals the band is known for, while also showing the new direction they’ve taken with their sound as of late and bringing forth some of their most open, introspective lyrics yet.

‘Cherry Blossom Season’ is our most important release, from a lot of different standpoints. Musically it’s the tightest we’ve been and the most collaborative we’ve been, lyrically it’s the most honest and real we’ve been, and as a whole, this is the perfect snapshot of what we can do. It’s got the hooks, the intricate instrumentation, and a lot of heart to it,” the band says about the EP, “As a whole, we’ve never been prouder of anything else we’ve done. This new direction has been in the works for a while now, and we’re so glad it’s finally come into fruition. Because of ‘Cherry Blossom Season,’ our future has never been brighter.”

Originally starting out as a solo project, Sounds & Scenarios is an alternative/emo act from Boston, Massachusetts, blending influences of pop punk, arena rock, 80’s pop, and other alternative genres. Though there have been some lineup changes throughout the years, the lineup currently consists of guitarist/vocalist Tyler Chase, guitarist Braeden Rawa, and bassist Avery Jones.

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