Maud Le Car and Joan Duru teamed up with Dockers for the LoveWaterMore campaign

French surfers Maud Le Car and Joan Duru recently traveled through the French and Spanish Atlantic Coast meeting with other surfers and activists to raise awareness on the importance of taking care of water. The campaign is done in collaboration with Dockers, a clothing brand known for its commitment to sustainability and preserving water.

“Surfing is our passion, and we would like to help along the way. And this is something we can all do. Positive change is possible everywhere, like protecting marine life, pickup up litter along the coast, providing access to clean water or simply reducing water consumption at home,” shared Le Car for the Dockers website.


As a part of the project, the company will also offer a custom-made surfboard that features unique artwork, and it’s signed by Le Car, Duru, as well as kite surfer Remy Duru, surf instructors Manon Cavalinni and Claire Gaya, surfers Garazi Sanchez and Kepa Acero. The surfboard will be auctioned with proceeds donated to Waves4Water.

We recently had a chance to have Maud for an interview, where she talked about her career, her own ocean preservation association Save La Mermaid, and much more. Check the interview HERE.

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