Mercy Music give all they got on their fourth album ‘What You Stand To Lose’

“When people listen to our new album, I want them to feel happy, sad, inspired, and depressed. Then I want them to feel happy again. That last part is critically important,” says bassist Jarred Cooper of Las Vegas-based pop punk outfit Mercy Music on the band’s fourth full-length album ‘What You Stand To Lose’ out today via Double Helix Records/SBÄM Records.

Vocalist and guitarist Brendan Scholz adds, ‘What You Stand To Lose’ is about coming face to face with one of your worst fears, learning from the experience, and hoping you come out the other side a better person.”

Produced by Bill Stevenson (Descendents, ALL, Black Flag) and mixed by Jason Livermore (Descendents, Propagandhi, NOFX, Hot Water Music), ‘What You Stand To Lose’ carries an underlying theme that examines the physical and mental pain that comes with heartbreak and the emotional growth that follows.

The album title itself refers to the many monumental changes in Scholz’s personal life since it was “flipped upside down” between this album and their last 2020’s ‘Nothing in the Dark’. The band (Scholz, who penned all the songs; Cooper; and drummer Rye Martin) find inspiration throughout these 11 tracks in the fact that nothing should be taken for granted, no time should be wasted, and there is everything in the world to lose by not collectively fighting hard enough to succeed. Somehow, despite the turmoil, ‘What You Stand To Lose’ belies the actual circumstances of its origins.

“I like to describe Mercy Music as pop hooks with guitar solos,” Scholz adds. “We fall somewhere in between Superdrag, Squeeze, Samiam, Jawbreaker, and Thin Lizzy.”

Following the release of ‘Nothing in the Dark’ in 2020, which was produced by Cameron Webb (Alkaline Trio/Motörhead), ‘What You Stand To Lose’ is Mercy Music’s fourth full-length album since they formed in 2014 and the band sounds every bit like the seasoned veterans they now are.

Mercy Music – ‘What You Stand To Lose’ artwork

‘What You Stand To Lose’ tracklisting:

1. Suddenly
2. Love You/Need You
4. Believe in We
5. Undone
6. Fine
7. Watch Me Drown
8. Found Out I’m Useless
9. What’s the Use
10. Total Nightmare
11. Waiting to Begin



Live shows:

June 30th – Tower Bar – San Diego, CA
*with NOT / Local support: Matt Caskitt and The Breaks, DJ Fat Earther

July 1st – The Sardine – San Pedro, CA
* with NOT / Local support: Upper Downer

July 2nd – The Kilowatt – San Francisco, CA
*with NOT / Local support: Sweet Gloom, Tess Stevens


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