MGK gives fans a ride inside his mind with new single and video ‘BMXXing’

Machine Gun Kelly gives fans a ride inside his mind as he releases his new song ‘BMXXing.’ Directed by Sam Cahill, the music video displays MGK’s affinity for BMX and skateboarding as he pays homage to the beloved communities.

He fires away sticky punchlines like “God knows it’s been a rough ride like DMX and “The closest I’ve been to having dollars is 50 cents, but with this pen, I’ve killed many men.” It’s not all witty wordplay for MGK, as his hallmark for pain and honesty finds its way back in this BNYX®-produced track. After delivering a snippet of the song last week, ‘BMXXing’ answers fans’ call for “summer vibes,” as he delivers heavy doses of hard-nosed raps and pure nostalgia.

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