Mod Sun shares new single and video ‘Sunshine’

Mod Sun is back with a melancholy new ballad ‘Sunshine.’ The track comes with an accompanying video which can be seen below.

About the song, Mod Sun shares on his socials: “I took a year off to make sure I came back with something I’m really proud of. My best friend Machine Gun Kelly helped us really make sure the writing was exactly what I wanted to say and I was saying the words the exact way it sounds like to have a conversation with me. My brother No Love for the Middle Child and myself connected last September and made a deal with each other to make the most fulfilling music we’ve both ever made. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and he’s my favorite producer in the game. Also about to be one of 2024 best new artists out. I’m just happy y’all. We did it.”

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