Noahfinnce reveals music video for single ‘Lovely Ladies’

After wrapping up his spring tour throughout North America, Noahfinnce is back with a new music video for ‘Lovely Ladies’. The track comes from his most recent record ‘Growing Up On The Internet,’ out now via Hopeless Records.

Co-written with Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter from the band McFly, here’s what Noah had to say on the track over on Instagram: “I’ve been looking forward to this music video since I wrote the song. For those who have no idea what’s going on, I wrote a song called ‘Lovely Ladies’ from the perspective of the ‘big scary transgender monster transgendering the world’s children’ that I’ve been called ever since I came out publicly as a teenager. When you write down and act out the stupid shit transphobes and TERFs say about trans people it becomes incredibly obvious how delusional they are. And this song and music video does exactly that…”

Speaking on working with Danny and Dougie, he said: “I had five days in the studio with the McFly guys, and they taught me a lot. They didn’t put any pressure on me, and they taught me that making music is supposed to be about having fun. It’s a job, and the management will give you a deadline, but I just need to do what I do. That was an important lesson.”

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