Nothing More share visualizer for ‘Déjà Vu’

Nothing More has premiered the visualizer video for ‘Déjà Vu,’ taken from their new album ‘Spirits,’ released on October 14th via Better Noise Music. The album pairs unapologetically massive anthems and catchy hooks with introspective, philosophical lyrics that the band further explored on the album’s accompanying meta-personality “Spirits Test.”

Inspired by similar tests such as “Myers-Briggs,” “Big 5,” and the “Zodiac” and the philosophy of Alan Watts and Carl Jung, the “Spirits Test” results determine specific personality traits that are compiled into seven “Spirit Types.” The band has begun sharing a closer look at each “Spirit Type” and a corresponding album track with a series of lyric video visualizers highlighting the hauntingly evocative illustrations by Micah Ulrich. The “Spirit Types” will be further explored in Nothing More’s upcoming graphic novel ‘Spirits Vol.1’ due in early 2023 via Z2 Comics.

The Spirit Type highlighted in the ‘Déjà Vu’ video is “Fuse,” who are depicted as being wholehearted with an infectious energy and power to spark new things into existence when surrounded by the right energy. Their connection to goodness allows them to be free-spirited when they are in love but easy to manipulate and cage. Nothing More alludes to this in the song’s chorus: “Who hurt you? / Cuz I love you / Like a knife in the back / Yeah you brought me right back / Like déjà vu.”

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