Nova Twins unveil remix of ‘Unholy’ by Sam Smith and Kim Petras

Capping off what has been a momentous year for Nova Twins, the genre-bending renegades have released a huge remix of Sam Smiths‘ global sensation ‘Unholy.’ Already a chart-topping smash, the duo embarked on their first-ever remix, giving the original the Nova treatment, and what a head-banging belter it is!

When asked about how they approached this track, Amy and Georgia commented: “When we heard ‘Unholy’ we thought it’s such a banger we have to remix it! It’s a dark, sexy tune, reminiscent of the noughties R&B sound that we all know and love. The beat and percussion on the original is so killer, it drives the track and was asking for some big riffs and screams Nova style!”

The band have just announced a very special, intimate show at The Lexington in London, happening on 8th February 2023 with Music Venue Trust and FreeNow, in support of grassroots venues, on which Amy and Georgia said: “We started in these grassroots venues. Without them, it will be a huge loss to the UK music scene. It’s an ecosystem. If you take one thing away the rest collapses. If you suddenly pull grassroots venues then that’s fewer artists that people are going to discover, fewer ticket sales, and less revenues. It affects everything.”

Nova Twins are the zeitgeist-capturing polymath pioneers that our times have been waiting for. Whether being the first black rock band to be shortlisted for the Mercury Prize, pushing the MOBO Awards to create a category for POC alt. acts, working with Dr. Martens to raise money for The Black Curriculum, teaming up with No Music On A Dead Planet and Oxfam to play for environmental change, Amy Love and Georgia South are much more than one of the UK’s most exciting bands – they are changemakers.

You can also check our interview with Amy and Georgia HERE.

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