Ollie drops new single and video ‘Wasted’

Canadian rapper Ollie shared ‘Wasted,’ a brand new single from his forthcoming EP, ‘Even When I’m Happy I Listen to Sad Music,’ which will be out on May 27th. The sound and the video can be seen below.

About the song, the artist shared: ‘Wasted’ is about feeling lonely while moving through life. I find myself always having the most insightful thoughts at night, which inspired the music video shot in low light around my neighbourhood. I want my fans to be able to listen to something while they’re lost, a relatable topic for us all.”

About the EP itself, he added: “All of these songs are very close to my heart and represent everything that I am. Throughout my past, like most, I’ve experienced my fair share of pain; some of it a direct cause from my own actions. If I could go back in time there are a few situations that I would like to change. I struggle sometimes with that reality, regardless if my shortcomings have ultimately led me here. I’m not a very emotional person and typically withhold a lot of my feelings.

Somehow music has the ability to extract all of that from within me, without my egotistical conscience realizing. It’s an emotional heist guised in melodies. Life and ultimately God has a funny way of showing us what we don’t want to see. Simply put, nobody is perfect. Our stories are a combination of good times and bad times, beauty and chaos, success and failure. The balance of these two realities shape who we are, give us purpose, and help us understand and appreciate the opposite. So, ‘Even When I’m Happy I Listen to Sad Music.’

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