Oxymorrons announce new album ‘Melanin Punk,’ share first single ‘Graveyard Words’

Oxymorrons is gearing up to unleash their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Melanin Punk,’ to the world. Set for release on October 20, this album promises to be a powerful and genre-defying musical journey.

‘Melanin Punk’ showcases the eclectic sound and their ability to seamlessly blend different genres. One of the most exciting aspects of the album is the array of collaborations featured on it. Oxymorrons have teamed up with notable artists such as Hyro the Hero, Kid Bookie, and Troi Irons, adding even more depth and diversity to their already unique style.

For them it’s all about community and not division. Oxymorrons is for us, but the project represents the people and what brings us together. Our whole human existence is about connection. It’s everyone in the band’s uniqueness that makes us the crazy melting of sound and that’s a great analogy to how we feel about the world as a whole.” the band shared.

The album’s lead single, ‘Graveyard Words,’ serves as a thrilling preview of what’s to come. With its infectious hooks, hard-hitting beats, and thought-provoking lyrics, it’s clear that Oxymorrons are not afraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. They explained that the lyrics is about speaking with intentions. “Words carry weight and you can manifest positivity but also negativity with the things you say – on the extreme side of the spectrum it could cost you your life. It’s about the laws of attraction through words. The chorus sounds like a threat coming from an individual – like, ‘Yo, watch yer mouth or I’ll fuck you up’ – but it was really written from the perspective of the universe/karma warning us humans. A small example is we try not to use the word ‘hate’ in our vocabulary when describing something we don’t like. We’re not always successful, but just trying to remove that word so that we don’t attract hatred into our life and leave that portal open for hate to come through. You attract what you project, and we project positivity.”

Oxymorrons ‘Melanin Punk’ artwork

‘Melanin Punk’

1. Enemy
2. Last Call (feat Troi Irons)
3. Graveyard Words
4. Look Alive (Netic)
5. Head For The Hills (feat Kid Bookie)
6. Melanin Punk
7. Mike Shinoda Flow (feat Hyro the Hero)
8. Insomnia
9. Re-Up (feat KANNER)
10. Moon Chasers


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