PUP share video for ‘Morbid Stuff’

Following the end of the band’s recent world tour, a run that had them on the road for 9 months, PUP today share the video for ‘Morbid Stuff,’ recorded live and shot on cheap handheld cameras handed out to 19 gig-goers the band personally connected with in advance of their recent sold out London dates. As premiered yesterday on the fans’ social media accounts, the clip showcases the sweat-stained euphoria of the band’s shows and once again captures the unique bond between PUP and the people that come to their gigs, screaming every word.

Taken from the critically-acclaimed album of the same name, today’s release isn’t the first time they’ve collaborated on visuals with fans, for the ‘Free At Last’ video, which served as a love letter to their fans, the band called on people to record their own versions of a song not-yet-released, supplying only chords and lyrics to hilarious and impressive results. Redefining the relationship between artist and fans, they’ve often let fans feel as much a part of PUP as the four people onstage, creating zines that connect on a more intimate level than social media, used in the past to leak information of upcoming releases like the single “Kids” through fans all pushed via their fan-facing Little Dipper label imprint.

With the news that PUP will return to this side of the Atlantic next year for a summer of festival appearances, it was recently announced that the band, following 9 months touring, had offset the entire run through Less.ca. To raise the funds necessary, vocalist Stefan Babcock set to create 50 personalized one-of-a-kind tattoos for specific fans, all of which he’d connected with directly, again blurring the line between the band and its fans.


2020 EU festival dates:

June 19th – Rock For People – Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
June 20th – Southside – Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany
June 26th – Jera on Air – Ysselsteyn, Netherlands


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