Puppy release music video for ‘…And Watched It Glow’ out now

London rock band, Puppy, have released the official music video for their new song ‘…And Watched It Glow.’ The song is taken from the band’s upcoming new album ‘Pure Evil’, which will be released on May 6th through Rude Records.

The song had its world premiere on Radio 1 with the Rock Show and is the third single to be released from the new album, following ‘Angel’ and The Kiss,’ the latter picking up plays with Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and Clara Amfo, as well as being listed by Revolver Magazine as a track of the week.

‘Pure Evil’ is an album created, like so much music and art the last few years, from a forced upon circumstance. Whilst obviously not influencing any of it in any way, the current pandemic has certainly created a specific path for PUPPY and this brilliant album, for good and bad.

Vocalist and guitarist Jock Norton explains a bit about marrying creative drive with a global health meltdown, “We had to dig fairly deep to find the purpose in doing any of it, because the global narrative was rightly shifted to more important things. But I think to be honest that sort of introspection had filtered through into other aspects of our lives, so being able to record this album sort of gave us a bit of purpose and something to cling on to. Ultimately for us we wanted to feel engaged and productive and useful, even if it was only for ourselves and each other. Like I said, there’d be times when it would feel a bit meaningless, but getting to a place where you’re comfortable with that and happy to let the work be its own reward really helped us grow as a band and as people I think”.

Summing up this wonderful new album, and the struggle to create and carry on during all of *this*, Jock puts it neatly and perfectly: “To us, the whole thing feels like a time capsule of this weird limbo period and I think that comes across on the album, or at least I hope it does. Postcards from the edge or whatever”.

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