Pure Noise Records and Pabst Blue Ribbon share new covers by Belmont, Mugshot, and The Seafloor Cinema

Pure Noise Records and Pabst Blue Ribbon have teamed up again to present ‘Dead Formats Volume 2’, a 15-track compilation featuring the Pure Noise Records roster sharing their takes on classic songs from Elton JohnNew RadicalsThe Kinks, and scene favourites Taking Back Sunday and more.

Today, we can hear Belmont doing ‘Lying From You’ by Linkin Park, Mugshot performing ‘Get This’ by Slipknot and The Seafloor Cinema take on Taking Back Sunday classic ‘Cute Without The E.’

Speaking about covering Taking Back Sunday, The Seafloor Cinema said: “We’re all big fans of Taking Back Sunday and they have always been a big influence on our music, and this song in particular has always been one of our favorites. We really wanted to keep the high energy and emotion of the original song while putting our own spin on it to make it more “Seafloor” with all the noodly guitars all over the place and the bright synths on the bridge. We’re really stoked on how it came out and hold everyone enjoys it too!”

The concept with Volume 1 was originally curated as a way for fans to discover new, like-minded bands, the same way legendary comps like Atticus’ Dragging The LakePunk O Rama, or the Vans Warped Tour Compilations did in the ’90s and 2000s. Volume 2 will open up a wealth of artists from across the years.

PBR has a long history of engaging and supporting artists so for us to be able to work with Pure Noise is really special. We love this concept and knowing that the artists involved had fun putting this together makes it all rewarding. We hope it’s a record that inspires discovery and nostalgia from the legendary comps,” shared PBR’s Senior Director of Marketing Partnerships Josh Feingold.

The Seafloor Cinema – ‘Cute Without the E’ (Original by Taking Back Sunday)

Belmont – ‘Lying From You’ (Original by Linkin Park)

Mugshot – ‘Get This’ (Original by Slipknot)

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