Refused share new EP, cover Swedish House Mafia

Legendary hardcore band Refused shared brand new EP ‘The Malignant Fire.’ The EP features the single ‘Malfire’ from last year’s album ‘War Music,’ alongside Born On The Outs and three brand new songs. ‘Born On The Outs’ is a cover of the Swedish House Mafia song ‘Greyhound.’ Obviously, that song was instrumental, so the band has added lyrics to their version of the song.

About the EP, singer Dennis Lyxzén said: “There are certain traditions within the Refused camp and one of the sturdiest is the idea that after every album there comes an EP. This time however I think that we outdid ourselves. ‘Malfire’ is my favorite song of the record so it’s not more than fitting that we shine some extra light on that. This EP was supposed to be something that was released before a tour but in these weird times, that tour never happened. However, this still a great EP that follows a great record. More than ever we need music to lead the way when things are the darkest. Here’s a little attempt from us.”

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