Reset release new album ‘No Resistance’

Canadian skate punks Reset just released their brand new album ‘No Resistance’ via People of Punk Rock Records. The 11 new tracks feature the speed, riffs, and melodic flair that raised the bar for the Quebec punk music scene and originally made Reset the talk of the town.

The new record builds on the sonic foundation of their late 90’s classics ‘No Worries’ and ‘No Limits’ as well as the early 2000’s releases anchored by original guitarist Phil Jolicoeur, now flanked by Gopal Devanathan on drums and Gilbert Vallerand on bass.

Reset was formed over a quarter of a century ago in Montreal by Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau, both now members of pop punk powerhouses Simple Plan. Since then, Reset has been delivering relentless punk rock tunes that bring metal accents to their pop hooks.

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