Ruebik continues meteoric year with ‘Ashes’ featuring Michèle Ducray

‘Ashes’ is the second single forthcoming from High Tea Music’s brand new compilation album ‘Chamomile,’ which sees the Netherlands-based imprint once again draw from the pool of talent they have available to build on their esteemed back catalogue. Provided by drum & bass producer Ruebik, ‘Ashes’ fits perfectly within a track listing which features seminal artists from across the genre.

And Ruebik himself has made just as much noise recently as part of the wider music ecosystem. Beginning to gain traction in early 2020 whilst winning the NZ Music Month competition hosted by Toocut and George FM, his DJ support has included names such as Bou, Ben Snow, Terrence & Phillip, Millbrook, Just a Gent, Mt Eden, Blaine Stranger, Gray, Kelvin 373, and Crossy. Originally from South Africa, he’s used his experience as a heavy metal drummer (winning Battle of the Bands in this capacity) to become more ingrained within dance music. These influences have enabled him to cross continents under the darker banner of drum & bass and as a result, he’s now found a home within the versatile camp of High Tea Music.

It’s no surprise that ‘Ashes’ features the same no-holds-barred club energy which is present across every club night High Tea Music hosts, throughout Europe and including both London and Amsterdam. It’s surely why Ruebik has flourished within New Zealand, known for being a microcosm of the genre. With Michèle Ducray injecting her humanism into the mix to add a soft vocal crescendo against Ruebik’s cutting-edge drum work, Ruebik goes for the jugular meanwhile Ducray amplifies the record’s emotional hues. It’s a late-night club stomper which will take you into the highs and lows of any dancefloor journey. Ruebik provides sonics that packs a punch with ‘Ashes,’ something which offers a grimier delivery to the ‘Chamomile’ compilation.

Within just two years Ruebik has pushed his music into every corner, now landing on High Tea’s doorstep with ‘Ashes’ following an explosive kickstart to his career. As the New Year approaches he’ll continue to unleash his sounds and in doing so more high-caliber records like ‘Ashes’ will follow in his footsteps.

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