Russian punk rock band 321run shares new single ‘Waves’

Russian punk rock band 321run shared a brand new single ‘Waves.’ This is the second official single from a band lead by a former professional snowboarder, now model, and motivational speaker, Alyona Elena Alekhina. The song is now available on all platforms.

About the single, Alekhina shared: “I wrote the lyrics for this song during our tour to Indonesia. We were playing a stage in Bali right in front of the Ocean, right in front of a line up with a few surfers surfing. And I was sitting on one of the speakers on stage during our soundcheck thinking how crazy it was that I was there again, and not because of surfing this time, but on tour. Playing a show with my band. A new wave for me. A happy one. I was thinking what a crazy couple of years it had been. What a crazy fucking wipe out! I had barely survived. But I had. And I sure was enjoying every second of surfing that new wave, right there, sitting on that big speaker, feeling loved and full of life again, getting ready for the soundcheck with the best view ever. I used to surf a lot, and I’m sure everyone who has surfed at least once will relate to this song because you guys know how much of a love/hate relationship surfing is. A crazy wipeout makes you hate surfing and you’re ready to call it a day, but then a smooth wave comes and you already can’t even remember why you were going to leave a minute ago. Because it’s all worth it. Just like life”

She also commented on an artwork saying: “Huge thanks toKiril Umrikhin for this epic picture for the art of this single. This is Nazaré, one of the biggest and scariest waves in the world, but that surfer… he’s got it!”

We recently had Alyona for a huge interview, where she also talked about her life, love for surfing and punk rock, as well as much more. You can read it HERE.

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