Scarfold share new single ‘The Serpent Egg,’ via Useless Pride Records

Hailing from Montreal, Scarfold is a heavy hardcore outfit with an urban groove and unrelenting force made to destroy anything in its path. No strangers to the road, they cannot seem to get enough of it, bringing their live shows to Europe, the USA, the UK, and Canada with no sign of letting up.

Now, the band released new single and video ‘The Serpent Egg,’ completed by an old-school VHS-style music video. The single is a raw blend of heavy-pounding thrashcore and urban groove – “street music fueled by revenge for those who need a dose of rage to get through the daily grind or get that last seemingly impossible chest pump on an unforgiving bench press,” the band shares. “Put it up, drop the pain, and feel the gain pop your veins!”

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