Senad Grošić and Corey Bohan ‘Nailed It’ in a new video

Senad Grošić and Corey Bohan just wanted to stop by a hardware store to quickly change Bohan‘s flat tires, but then the lights went out, the doors shut and a relaxed BMX weekend in Salzburg, Austria, turned into a night spent locked in the DIY store.

Instead of panicking, Grošić and Bohan shamelessly took advantage of the situation – including bunny hop contests using iron chains and industrial floor polishers as obstacles, and leaf-blower races. You can see the full extent of their nocturnal creativity in the below video from the store’s CCTV system.

About the night, Grošić said: “Riding a BMX in a DIY store at night – that’s like being in the museum at night. When you start to look at which tools might be suitable, you realize the DIY store could be the last undiscovered El Dorado of BMX!”

Check the video below:

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