Senses Fail drop ‘Lush Rimbaugh’ (Thoreau Remix)

Senses Fail, has today dropped a remixed version of Lush Rimbaugh,’ collaborating with Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter, and engineer Harry Myers, also known as Thoreau. Myers has been creating music and worked with artists like Illenium, Mothica, Darci, Kid Indigo, Glimlip, and played shows with the likes of Luca Lush, Kill Paris, and more.

Frontman Buddy Nielsen speaks on the collaboration commenting: “I got a chance to meet and work with Harry, and we collaborated on some really incredible music. I was very excited to hear him use his Lo-Fi skills in order to bring a different vibe to Senses Fail songs.” Nielsen adds: “I see a very bright future for him and all his projects.”

Last year, Myers (Thoreau) connected with the Senses Fail team and started work on a session for his other project, Harry Was Here. This led to the single Weight of the World’. After this successful collaboration, Harry decided to take a swing at remixing one of his favorite Senses Fail songs, ‘Lush Rimbaugh.’

For the remix, he channeled his different experiences across genres to keep the integrity of the original, but also added gritty synths and a distorted vocal to create a completely new experience.

‘​​Lush Rimbaugh’ is one of my favourite tracks from Senses Fail...” Myers expresses. “I heard this one on my way over to meet Buddy for the first time. Typically I take things in a more chill direction… but for this one, I tried to keep the same amazing energy that the original had. Thanks to the team for letting me play a part!”

Senses Fail will release their highly anticipated eighth album ‘Hell Is In Your Head’ on 15th July 2022 via Pure Noise Records. Co-produced by Saosin’s Beau Burchell, ‘Hell Is In Your Head’ marks the band’s first studio album since 2018’s If There Is Light, It Will Find You’.

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