Sharptooth premiere new song ‘No Sanctuary’ from debut album ‘Clever Girl’

Baltimore hardcore band Sharptooth have premiered new song, ‘No Sanctuary.’ ‘No Sanctuary’ is taken from their upcoming debut album, ‘Clever Girl,’ which is released on 27th October via Pure Noise Records.

Speaking on the new track ‘No Sanctuary,’ vocalist Lauren says “This song is about us as LGBTQIA people telling the rest of society how you can and cannot talk to us, and the insidious ways that language shapes the way people interact with and treat each other. The lyric “every time that you say “f*ggot” is a bullet through my head” directly illustrates how hateful slurs and rhetoric lend credence to homophobic views, and negatively impacts the way the world treats people like me. It’s a slur that’s been used against me personally, and against all of the members of this band, queer and straight alike, and it feeds directly into a cycle of hate that has the potential to manifest as violence against us, and other members of the LGBTQIA community. People say “sticks and stones will break my bones”, but words can and do directly impact our culture and the ways that members of different groups are treated. We can ALL work together to be more mindful of the way we communicate with each other so as to create a safer world for all people.”

Sharptooth – ‘Clever Girl’ artwork

‘Clever Girl’ tracklist:

01. Rude Awakening
02. Clever Girl
03. Give em’ Hell Kid
04. Fuck You Donald Trump
05. Can I Get a Hell No
06. Jesus Loves You
07. No Sanctuary
08. Left 4 Dead
09. Rise
10. Blood Upon Your Hands
11. Pushing Forward 

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