Simon Tabron drops ‘Still Alive,’ his first BMX video after heart attack and stroke

Yes, you’ve read that right. BMX legend Simon Tabron is not only back on his bike, but he just released a massive new video for Haro BMX.

“This all started as a tribute to vert riding from one of its beloved BMX sons, Simon Tabron. For over two decades, vert riding took Simon all over the world and became a way of life, a means to a living. And looking back on it all, Simon wanted to film something specifically dedicated to BMX and vert riding, the thing that gave him so much over the years,” shared the company about the video.

“But life had other plans. Shortly after starting this project, Simon would suffer through a series of life-threatening events that would call into doubt his ability to ever ride a bike again, ride BMX again, ride vert again. But true to the very nature of vert riders, a breed that finds joy in what others find outright terrifying. Simon was not held back by a heart attack, a stoke, or even a coma. Simon picked himself up off the flat bottom of life and a year later was back on the deck for another run. Simon Tabron is STILL ALIVE,” shared Haro Bikes.

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