Soft Play announce new album ‘Heavy Jelly’, share new single ‘Act Violently’

English punk rock duo Soft Play (formely known as Slaves) have just announced their brand new album in six years titled ‘Heavy Jelly’ set for release on July 19th. The record follows the previous release ‘Acts Of Fear and Love’ from 2018 and it features their recent singles ‘Punk’s Dead’ and ‘Mirror Muscles’.

Laurie Vincent says: “We’re not gonna be the band that leads your protest march really eloquently, but we might be the band that motivates you to go down the gym or start doing something productive and that’s important too. What we can do is sing about relatable things and share that with people.” Isaac Holman also added: “Don’t try and be like everyone else. Just do what you want and have fun.”

The duo has also released a brand new track titled ‘Act Violently’according to a press release, the song was inspired by Isaac and Vincent almost getting hit by an e-scooter as they stepped out of album sessions at The Libertines’ Albion Rooms studio in Margate. “The whole walk back to the studio, we were discussing our contempt for e-scooter drivers. They should be illegal,” shared Vincent. “They shouldn’t be on the road. They should need a theory test. It was just a rich well to discuss, and the song’s about that.”

Soft Play – ‘Heavy Jelly’ artwork

‘Heavy Jelly’

01. All Things
02. Punk’s Dead
03. Act Violently
04. Isaac Is Typing…
05. Bin Juice Disaster
06. Worms On Tarmac
07. John Wick
08. Mirror Muscles
09. Working Title
10. The Mushroom and The Swan
11. Everything and Nothing

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