Sounds & Scenarios release new single ‘Nicotine (Bury Me)’

Following the release of ‘Dancing With Your Silhouette,’ Boston, Massachusetts-based emo band Sounds & Scenarios have released another new single, ‘Nicotine (Bury Me).’ This is the second single from the band’s forthcoming EP ‘Cherry Blossom Season,’ scheduled for release on August 5th, and by combining catchy, pop-leaning hooks with powerful punk-influenced instrumentals, it perfectly captures the sound that listeners can expect from the EP as a whole.

‘Nicotine (Bury Me)’ was the first song that was written for the new EP, and from the moment it was demoed out, we knew there was something special about it,” the band says about the new track, “It’s so accessible and poppy, but it still maintains the heaviness and intricacy we have on our tracks, which really helps it stand out amongst any of the other singles we’ve dropped in the past. It’s fun, bright, and has a bit of bite, and to us, that really represents our new music in a nutshell.”

Originally starting out as a solo project, Sounds & Scenarios is an alternative/emo act from Boston, Massachusetts, blending influences of pop punk, arena rock, 80’s pop, and other alternative genres. Though there have been some lineup changes throughout the years, the lineup currently consists of guitarist/vocalist Tyler Chase, guitarist Braeden Rawa, and bassist Avery Jones.

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