Stand Atlantic unleash fiery new track ‘Kill[h]er’

Stand Atlantic are back with a vengeance. The Aussie mob has unveiled a new track, ‘kill[h]er,’ and it’s one of their most angst-infused anthems yet. The song, penned in a small hotel room in LA, brings big-time energy and is all about annihilating self-doubt. The song marks Stand Atlantic’s first release of 2023 and is a testament to their powerful year ahead.

Stand Atlantic’s Bonnie Fraser says of the track: “Self-sabotage is a bitch, self-doubt kills, and denying good and genuine parts of yourself because you’ve been conditioned to think they’re not good enough is a form of murder. It’s a reminder to myself not to give in to that shit. personal growth is important but don’t deny who you are. Sometimes I find myself thinking back to who I used to be and missing that person.”

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